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There's such a plethora of census "wrong doings" and probable illegal activities (favoritism, wrongful, unjust terminations, falsification & the difficult to "prove" discrimination) that it'd take an unabridged novel to list them all.


My main concern is: Is there any attorney or law firm out there that can help?


1) apparently I've been terminated on or around June 12, 2010.

2) this was conveyed to me from an enumerator that says is worried about getting fired EVERday.

The enumerator says blatant favoritism, sexism & discriminatory practices are the norm. Seems they have to 'like' you to keep your job. Performance doesn't seem to matter.


3) NOBODY from the census has told me I'm terminated or why.

4) After learning this I contacted my CLA about "available work" since 6/12-not wanting to tip my hand-I said nothing about my possible termination. He texted back saying "nothing yet, will talk with you later." No further replies.

5) On 6/17/10 @ 9:46 am I recieved a phone msg. from "Rachel" from the local census office saying she needed to discuss something about a 282 & a 283-whatever they are.

6) I returned the call at 10:06 am that day & left my info on their recorder.

***NO REPLY*** I called again at 7:53 pm & "Sharra" (SP?) said she'd find "Rachel." After 10 min. on hold, I had to hang up.NO REPLIES & today is 6/21!!!

**additionally the CL & CLA told me several times to SLOW DOWN. They said the most important thing is the hours & the paycheck!!! I've been told different policies & procedures that change daily if not quicker. I've been forced into 'madatory' events that forced me into over 40 hours in a week of which I was NOT allowed to put on time sheet or risk terminatioin. One time I was forced to return to the CL's personal office & change another time sheet to avoid over 40 hours again. They force me to decide on falsification or termination!!!

I've gotten LESS than an hours' notice on several occasions telling me I MUST show up at Starbucks or the CL's personal office. I've typically been given less than 12 hours notification of what I MUST do, where to show up & what to bring & at what hour. It didn't matter how many hours I'd logged. If I had to go over the daily or weekly allowance, I was NOT allowed to list the hours or I'd get terminated.

I was told to use the apartment management office as a proxy for vacancies. I did. Then was told it'd raise a red flag. I said, "Who cares? If it's the truth & your doing the job as required, I could care less about "red flags." If you've got nothing to hide, so what?" The CL did NOT like that.

Seems she's concerned about covering herself or covering up 'something'.


The week of whatever transpired to get me terminated, my CL told me I was the best enumerator she had. Yet, nobody has contacted me for work since the 12th. EVERDAY since May 4th I've been called AT LEAST once telling me when & where to show up & what I must do. ALL calls stopped since the 12th-apparently when I was fired without notification, provocation, any documentation or discussions of poor performance, violations of ANYTHING or anything else.


There's TONS more inadequacies I've experienced & share w/so many on this forum.


I for one want to fight back!

Since Texas is a "right to fire" state, I'm not sure I'll succeed. If there's any one out there, especially any attorney with expertise in this arena, I'd greatly appreciate any help or advice.

I'm willing to go straight to Locke or Obama if need be. I'm THAT serious!


If there's ANY chance of legal retaliation, class action suits, my own suit, I'd be more than happy to participate & share my documentation.


My corner of Houston's NRFU census operation has got to be the most pathetic, poorly run, non-professional operation I've ever experienced.


I've got ZERO to hide & challenge the census to conact any & everyone I've interviewed. Contact the apartment complex management team to find out my word, reputation, honesty, integrity, performance & professionalism are beyond reproach.

The OPPOSITE of my census experience!


Thank you,












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Part of being victimized in the USA is that we are conditioned to believe that: 1) it can't happen to us; and, 2) that if it does happen (being victimized) we WILL be able to right the wrongs we were subjected to. Our government is the perpetrator here, and won't be a source of resolution, justice, or satisfaction. The pattern of misuse and abuse in the 2010 Census is so well established and rampant, that it is not random or accidental - it is intentional, allowed and enabled.
Thanks for the reply John.
I just can't sit still for this crap.
I'm emailing my info link to "free consultation" law firms.
I realize it may be hopeless but, how else can we attempt to right the wrongs?
I'm all for ya. Sign me up for any petitions, letters, or class actions. It will probably begin by getting some exposure via media, press and Internet (this website is a good place to start).
The problem for me is I live in Texas. Its called a "right to work" state but in reality means you can get fired at any time for any reason-at least that's how it was explained.

Since the census job was a gov't job, I'm hoping for just retaliation.

The census operation I've witnessed is riddled w/more holes than Lorraine Swiss cheese
& the blatant rule breaking-probably illegal- is the norm, NOT the exception.

I'll pursue any avenue-that's legal- trying to get just rewards. ANY & ALL help is GR8ly appreciated!
I think you may be right. These kinds of events and behaviors are so prevalent, so ubiquitous, that I am beginning to think the data falsification is intentional and condoned. Enumerators who are conscientious and have integrity in their jobs are being pressured to quit in favor of those who willingly do the wrong thing. What can we do? Where is the Big Media on this story?
Just talked with an enumerator from another local office here in the Chicago area. He's been instructed to have everything turned in by the end of the week, whether it's done or not. They seem to be pushing hard to wrap everything up early here, accuracy be damned.

A significant percentage (IIRC he dais about a third) of his vacant/Delete workload isn't actually vacant. Which means actual interviews instead of just a quick checkoff. It also means someone else either screwed up, or lied.

I've heard they want to start shutting down all the local offices as early as the end of the month, instead of into September like we were originally told.
D-282 is the disciplinary form. Your boss writes you up for whatever reason, but doesn't have to tell you what you were written up for or even give you a copy of the form. Funny, every other census form has a copy for the person it's about.

D-283 is the matching termination from.

I was written up twice, and never got the copies of the forms, or any explanation of what rule I broke, despite the area manager saying he would show me in the materials he had in his car.

When I was terminated, he wrote a 2 page letter, put someone else's name on it, forced them to sign it, and still hasn't told me what rules I violated.

I damn well know what LAW he violated.

BTW, I filed an FOIA to get the D282s that I saw when I was first reprimanded. It would also include the D283 from my termination. I've yet to get any of them.

Can we file a class action lawsuit against the Census / Federal Government. Or do they shield themselves from such lawsuits so we each have to go solo?
Thank you for the reply/info.

I'm sending my info link to "free consultation" law firms.
I realize it's probably in vain.
I just can't sit still for this blatant load of BS.
either way I'm in.
If there's any legal way to get vengeance, right the wrongs etc. I'm in for the long haul.
I filed with the Office of Special Counsel over a month ago. I still have not heard a word. I do have a case number but thats about it.
My ex crew leader called last week. She had lost some maps out of some AA's and wondered if I had them?? She is still working?? Yet I am supposedly the one with poor performance?

If you guys get an attorney let me know. I am in, in a heartbeat. I have been told we are not entitled to unemployment now.
That is probably the topping on the cake to me. My crew leader who can not do her job gets unemployment I get fired and get no unemployment fro trying to get her to do her job properly. UGH!!
I just submitted info to legal lawyer hunting-I'm looking for legal help vs. wrestling w/the gov't myself.
Good Luck Dave. Attorneys don't work for free. The Census work is temporary and Texas is probably an "at will employment" state. You don't have a case. Best thing to do is to file a grievance. You have 15 days from when you were notified of being terminated. Make sure to document what has happened to you. What the CL and CLA said and did. Once you file the grievance, the form is in the employee handbook, then try to get just a plain laid off without cause. Then you can file for unemployment benefits. If you resign or they terminate for cause you cannot get unemployment benefits. The Census Bureau does not want to pay benefits and is telling the CL's and FOS's to terminate for cause to avoid paying unemployment benefits. Get busy and help your self.


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