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the first link below describes what the OSC can do and the channels to go thru. I am going to file 2 separate complaints with them, one being a Prohibited Personnel Practice and the other a Whistleblower Disclosure. They are 2 separate and distinct areas. A complaint of a PPP nature, can have whatever the action taken against you was, remedied in some way. A Whistleblower Disclosure is where you 'tell on' the govt (census bureau) for doing something illegal or against the rules. This type of claim will not offer you any corrective action, only the PPP complaint will do that. They will, however, investigate the Whistleblower DIsclosure, to the fullest (we'll see about that - those are their words, not mine) and take action against the entity that did wrong, if their investigation shows that there was something illegal done.



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I've filed both of these complaints as well. I may have to re-file the PPP complaint, as it was initially filed before my whistle blower termination. We'll see if they continue and investigate or close it for not falling under PPP.

For those going this route, form 12 is the whistle blower complaint, and form 11 is the PPP complaint.

Both can be e-filed from You need to create an account first.
Bob, have you heard anything at all from them regarding your complaints?
Heard back regarding the initial PPP complaint from May, which they said wasn't PPP, but now that I was terminated because of it, it IS PPP, so they are still looking.

They told me to refile the initial complaint under the whistle-blower provision instead of as PPP, which I recently did.
You can also file by downloading a complaint form and mailing it in. If you are submitting documentation, then I believe you'll need to mail your complaint in.

Glad to hear about the progress on your complaint.
Sounds like you have done your "homework!" Good for you! Keep at it and keep the rest of the folks on this blog informed!


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